Christian Oggioni











My name is Christian Oggioni.
I’m 44 years old. I was born in Monza and I live in Sereso. I´m Italian.
Actually I have two Border Collie. DJ (9 years old, dog in picture) and Fate (DJ son,
2 years old). I’m dog trainer and agility dog trainer since 1996. As competitor I have been five times in FCI World Championship and European Open, and six times in WAC of IFCS, with Italian Team. I was Team Leader of IMCA/ PAWC Italian Team since 2004 to 2014.
Agility Judge Master in Italian circuit since 2002 (judging more than 50 competitions
and two finals). FISC/ IFCS Agility Judge since 2014 (judging more than 20 competitions and trials for IMCA and IFCS events). International Judge of IFCS since 2017. Agility Judge of Dog Olympic Games in September 2018.

I wish good luck to all competitors of IMCA/ PAWC 2019 in Spain!
See you in Silla, Valencia.

Pedro Simarro













My name is Pedro Simarro, I’m 43 years old and I live in Valencia with my wife, Cristina,
and my son (Iker) and daughter (Lara). First, I would like to thank FEAEC for thinking of me to judge this prestigious agility world championship IMCA/ PAWC 2019 in Silla (Valencia).
I started to practice agility in 2001 with my mixbreed dog Giru. In 2009 I continued with Yeleen (Australian Kelpie) and actually I’m training with my Border Collie, Leire, and leading a canine education and agility group in Torrent (Valencia). I´m judge of ADACV (Agility Sports Group of Valencian Community) and FEAEC (Spanish Federation of agility and canine education) since 2003, and WCL (World Cynosports Limited) judge, level advanced, since 2007. In these years I have judged many trials, Opens, and Finals of ADACV and FEAEC official Championships.
My best wishes for all participants. I hope you enjoy with my courses.

Walter Casier









My name is Walter Casier. I’m 62 years young and I live in Pittem, not far from Bruges, in Belgium. I’m already judge from 1992. And as judge it’s me a great honor to take part of the
IMCA/ PAWC 2019 in Silla (Valencia). I was judge in several international competitions, but this event means a lot for me. Moreover, I have been Team leader or coach for about 7 times with the Belgian Team, and 5 times I was competitor myself with my borders Blester or Chu'a or with my little mix breed Apachy Pickachu. I hope to surprise and delight everyone with beautiful and pleasant courses.
I wish everyone a successful event and I hope a great competition.